Price Table

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking in 2 Sessions - The 45 minute initial consultation is free.
I will take some details and explain how your brain works and how I work, so you can decide I can help you.

1 hour sessions on line or in person – therapy and hypnosis
6 sessions for the price of 5 (£540)
or £90 individually

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Hypnotherapy Sessions
Initial Consultation – Remote or Face to Face 45 minutes – Free
35 minutes of uplifting talking therapy and neuroscience and  approximately 25 minutes of hypnosis will leave you feeling more positive and uplifted.
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How many sessions will I need?

1 or 2 – some people like a free initial consultation to understand the process.

Specific phobias – The initial consultation and 3 weekly sessions.

Most other Conditions – The Initial Consultation and usually between 6 to 12 weekly sessions.