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Hypnosis can help relaxation and teach coping skills to help you deal with the stresses of your workload.

Reduce stress with just one visit!

I can help you overcome stress, debilitation anxiety and depression, and control the effects of OCD. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a highly effective therapy that combines psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. It helps you  concentrate on the solution, not the problem itself, so there is no stirring up old trauma or looking back to the past.

The first 45 minute session is free. I will explain the way your brain works and why you feel as you do, and then in subsequent work with you to get the real you back again. These sessions feature about 40 minutes of talking therapy and 20 minutes a deeply relaxing hypnotherapy and should leave you feeling uplifted. Usually 8-12 weekly sessions will get you back on top of things. Book an Appointment